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Irish Family Histories I - Z
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* IEVERS, CRAWFORD: Ievers and Crawford from Ireland to Ceylon
   of Mount Ievers, Co. Clare
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

* IRELAND, De COURCEY IRELAND or De COURCY IRELAND: Genealogy of the Ireland Family

   in England, Ireland and America; William Ireland mar. Margaret de Courcey sister of 23rd Lord of Kinsale, Almericus DeCourcey (1664 - 1720); descendants emigrated to America
   By Unknown author (New York, 1863) - FHB - Almeric de Courcy, 23rd Baron Kingsale in: Wikipedia - John Constantine de Courcy, 29th Lord Kingsale in: Irish Graves


  - The Iretons of Ireland 1600 - 1900 - Vol 1 - Vol 2
     Origins; Genealogies from various Irish Counties; in U.S. from unknown Ireland County; in Australia from unkown Ireland County; in Canada from unknown Ireland County; addresses of known Iretons; computerised output
     By LaRoux King Gillespie; Helen Geraldine Hughes (Kansas City, Missouri, 1989) - FHB - List of other books by these authors include: 'The Iretons of Kansas and Oklahoma', 'Ireton, Oklahoma: Forgotton Pioneer Town', etc.

* IRVINE: The Irvines and their kin

   ...Scotland, Ireland and England
   Compiled by L. Boyd (Chicago, 1908) - HT - Read a review of this book from The Grafton Magazine, Vol I 1908 - 1909 


* JACKSON: The Jacksons in Ireland
   From The Ancestor Quarterly Review of County and Family History, Heraldry and Antiquities No. VII
   By Sir Edmund T. Bewley (London, 1903) - OL

* JENNINGS: The Jennings Families 1800 - 1985: West Cork to New Worlds

   John Jennings b. 1843 son of George and Rebecca Jennings of Toughbaun; emigrated to USA 1888; other children George, Richard, Edward, Hester to New Zealand 1876 - 1910;Jennings families in Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand
   By Gregg N. Jennings (Columbus, Georgia? 1985) - FHB Warning! Large File!


   - The Johnstons of Ballinderry
     Letter to The Ancestor No. X
     By Lieut. Colonel G. H. Johnston (London, 1904) - IA
   - Descent and Alliances - Johnston, of Johnston in Annandale
   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL

* JONES: The Jones Family in Ireland

   A Chapter of Hitherto Unwritten Genealogical History...
   By Robert Leech, Rector of Drumlane, Belturbet (Yonkers, New York, 1886) - HT


* KANE: Redmond Kane of Swords
   Co. Dublin
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

Kane-Smith of Moyle
   Co. Carlow
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

* KAVANAGH: The Kavanaghs of Ballynamona and Athy

   (or Cavenagh) Query; Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By Lieut.-Colonel W. O. Cavenagh (Dublin, 1908) - OL

* KELLY: The Kelly's of County Down

   with particular reference to Kelly's of Newtownards and surrounding parishes
   By Charles Kelly (Ayr, Scotland, filmed 1999) - FHB

* KEMP, KEMPE: A General History of the Kemp and Kempe Families

   of Great Britain and Her Colonies
   By Fred. Hitchin-Kemp (London, 1902) - IA

* KERR: Kerr Family Chronicles

   Cecil William Kerr, b. Lurgan, Co. Armagh, 1903; descendants in Ireland and Australia
   By Christopher Earls Brennen (1999) - FHB

* KINNEAR: The Kinnears and their Kin

   A Memorial Volume of History, Biography and Genealogy
   Compiled by Emma Siggins White (Kansas City, Missouri, 1916) - HT

* KINSELLA: Kinsella - The Irish Connection

   Elizabeth Kinsley (Kinsella) of Co. Wexford emigrated to St. Louis; some family remained in Ireland; descendants in Ireland, USA; mention of BusheKennedy
   By Peter E. DesJardins; Dorothy Hays DesJardins (USA, 1984) - FHB

* KNOYLE or KNOELL: History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families

   Co. Waterford
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL


* L'ESTRANGE: Le Strange of Anglia and Eire
   Vol II of a series of 4; Richard Le Strange alias L'Estrange circa 1516- ante 1590 progenitor of L'Estrange of Moystown, King's County, son of Sir Thomas Le Strange 1493 - 1545 of Hunstanton, Norfolk
   By John R. Mayer (2nd Ed. Saginaw, Michigan, 2002) - FHB - L'Estrange in: Wikipedia


   - Langford Data, from Ireland - Vol. 1 - Vol. 2 - Vol. 3 - Vol. 4 - Vol. 5 - Vol. 6 - Vol. 7 - Vol. 8 - Vol. 9 - Vol. 10 - Vol. 11 - Vol. 12 - Vol. 13 - Vol. 14 - Vol. 15 - Vol. 16 - Vol. 17 - Vol. 18 - Vol. 19 - Vol. 20
     Richard Langford, b. Barragh, Co. Carlow; mar. his cousin Elizabeth Langford; descendants in England, Ireland, USA
     By Frederick Langford (USA? late 20th century) - FHB

* LANGTON: Memorials of the Family of Langton of Kilkenny

   By John G. A. Prim (Dublin, 1864) - HT


   Notices of the Family of Lattin
   The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland
   By John M. Thunder (Dublin, 1889) - OL
*  The Lattin and Mansfield families in the Co. Kildare
   Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By the Rev. Canon Sherlock, M.A. (Dublin, 1902) - OL

* LAWLOR: Lawlor Family

   extract from 'A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns'
   By H. C. Lawlor (London, 1906) - OL

* LE POER TRENCH: Memoir of the Le Poer Trench Family

   By Richard [Le Poer Trench], 2nd Earl of Clancarty about 1805
   and now Printed for Private Circulation only by his Grandson (Dublin, 1874) - FHB - Earl of Clancarty in: Wikipedia - See also TRENCH

   The Family of Leslie of Ballybay in Ireland
   The Family of Leslie of Leslie House
   The Family of Leslie of Glasslough
   from the Historical Records of The Family of Leslie - Vol II, Vol III
   By Colonel Leslie, K.H. of Balquhain (Edinburgh, 1869) - IA

* LEVINGE: Jottings for Early History of The Levinge Family - Part I

   By Sir Richard G. A. Levinge, Bart. (Dublin, 1873) - OL - Note from the Library of Congress catalogue 1919 - No more published in this edition. A complete edition appeared in 1877 under the title: 'Jottings of the Levinge family' [not found]

* Limerick Family Histories

   over 60 Munster family histories - mainly from Clare and Limerick
   By Various authors (Limerick, etc, various dates) - LCC

* LOFFROY, LEFROY: Notes and documents relating to the family of Loffroy

   of Cambray prior to 1587, of Canterbury 1587-1779, now chiefly represented by the families of Lefroy of Carriglas, Co. Longford, Ireland, and of Itchel, Hants, with branches in Australia and Canada 
   By J.H. Lefroy (For Private Circulation, Woolwich, England? 1868) - OL

* LOFTUS: Family Record in a copy of 'The Book of Common Prayer'

   John Loftus, b. Waterford, 1704; Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   Notes and Queries (Cork, 1892) - OL

* LUNNEY: The Lunneys of Molly, [Derrylin,] County Fermanagh

   and their descendants in Ireland and in the United States; Owen Lunney mar. Ellen Cassidy; son Patrick bapt. 1849
   By Mary Lyden (USA, 1988) - FHB

* LYNCH: The John Lynch Family of Woodlands, Arva, Co. Cavan

   John Lynch, Clerk of Sessions, Arvagh, b. abt. 1820; mar. Isabella Savage of Ballinagh; 5 children; descendants in Ireland, England, USA
   By Donald Patrick Brosnan (Published and bound privately, Tuson, Arizona, 1998) - FHB

   With Notes about the President of the United States
   By Thomas Camac, The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol III (Belfast, 1897) - IA


   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL

* MacAULAY, MacARTNEY:  Gleanings in Family History from the Antrim Coast
   The MacAulays and MacArtneys
   By Geo. Hill ? The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 8 (Belfast, 1860) - IA

MACARTNEY:  Gleanings in Family History from the Antrim Coast
   The Earl of Macartney
   By Geo. Hill ? The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 9 (Belfast, 1861) - IA

* MacDONNELL: The MacDonnells of Tinnakill Castle
   Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By Lord Walter FitzGerald (Dublin, 1905) - OL

* MacFINNIN MacCARTHY: The MacFinnin MacCarthys of Ardtully

   near Kenmare, Co. Kerry; from the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By Randal MacFinnin MacCarthy (Cork, 1892) - OL

* MacINTYRE, McINTIRE: The MacIntyre, McIntire Clan of Scotland, Ireland, Canada and New England

   families who originated in Ireland and Scotland
   By Harry McIntire (At sea, 1949) - Borrow this book from OL

* MacLYSAGHT: Short Study of a Transplanted Family in the Seventeenth Century
   By Edward McLysaght (Dublin, 1935) - CCL - Edward MacLysaght in: Wikipedia

   By Geo. Hill ? The Ulster Journal of Archaeology Vol. 2 (Belfast, 1853) - IA

   By Geo. Hill ? The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 2 (Belfast, 1853) - IA

* McALEER: A Study in the Origin and Signification of The Surname McAleer
   and a contribution to McAleer Genealogy
   By George McAleer, M.D. (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1909) - HT

* McCAUSLAND: The McCauslands of Donaghanie

   And Allied Families
   By Miss Merze Marvin (Shenandoah, Iowa? 1887) - HT



   - McClintock Family Papers
     Related families: McCausland, Hime, Robinson, Dobbs, Reid, Powell, Elston
     By P. V. E. McClintock; M. E. McClintock (Lancaster, England, 1986) - FHB
   - The McClintocks of Dunmore House, Co. Donegal
   - The McClintocks of Rathvinden, Co. Carlow
   - The McClintocks of Trintaugh, Co. Donegal
      By Turtle Bunbury - website

* McCONNELL: Genealogical History of the Families

   Histories of the Scotch-Irish and of the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War
   By Newton Whitfield McConnell (Tennessee? 19--) - Borrow from OL

   John McElravy, b. Ireland abt 1797, mar. Christiana, 6 children; emigrated 1853 to Leeds, Quebec; mention of the McElravy's/ McIlravys of Ballyrashane, Co. Londonderry
   By Garth Woodward (Treherne, Manitoba, 1996) - FHB


* McKEE: A History of the Descendants of David McKee of Anahilt

   Descendants scattered in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America
   By Prof. James Y. McKee (Philadelphia, 1892) - OL - This title was the eBook of the Month for March, 2012 - for short review see eBook of the Month Archive

* McKINSTRY: Genealogy of the McKinstry family
   with a Preliminary Essay on the Scotch-Irish Immigrations to America
   By William Willis (Boston, 1858) - GB

* McLAUGHLIN: The Family of Big Jimmy McLaughlin of Dreenagh, Malin Head, Donegal

b. abt. 1820 son of Owen McLaughlin and Mary Collins; mar. abt. 1849, Mary Frazer, dau of Dennis Fraser and Sheila Gill; 6 of 10 children emigrate to America
By Marjorie Molloy Jansen (USA? 2010?) - FHB


* MAHAFFEY: Mahaffey Descendants
   Compiled by Estelle Kinports Davis, Mary E. Mahaffey Garst (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1914) - HT

* MALCOLM: Genealogy of the Malcolm and Bowman Families of Carrickfergus

   Family Papers in the Irish Emigration Database

* MALTBY, MAULTBY: Maltby Maltbie Family History

   England, Ireland, America
   By Dorothy Maltby Verrill (Newark, New Jersey, 1916) - OL

* MANSFIELD: The Lattin and Mansfield families in the Co. Kildare
   Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By the Rev. Canon Sherlock, M.A. (Dublin, 1902) - OL

* MAPOTHER: Notices of the Family of Mapother

   Extract from History of Ireland - The Barony of Boyle (footnote 'b')
   By John D'Alton (Dublin, 1845) - OL - See the film actor Tom Cruise otherwise Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in: Wikipedia


   - Genealogy of the Family of Martin of Ballinahinch Castle
     in the County of Galway, Ireland
     By Archer E.S. Martin (for private circulation, Winnipeg, 1880) - IA
   - Genealogical History of the Families
     Histories of the Scotch-Irish and of the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War
     By Newton Whitfield McConnell (Tennessee? 19--) - IA
   - The Martin Family of Dublin and Virginia
     By Turtle Bunbury - website


   - If Those Trees Could Speak
     The story of an Ascendancy Family in Ireland
     By Frank Tracy (Dublin, 2005) - AAI - Short review in: AAI
   - Massy Family
     Notes on the origin of this family. RSAI Journal
     By T. J. Westropp (Dublin, 1916) - OL

* MAUDE: The Maude Family; A Genealogical Table

  By Francis Maude (Printed for private circulation, London, 1903) - OL - Clementina Maude, Viscountess Hawarden (photographer) in: Irish TimesV and A - Wikipedia - Her husband Cornwallis Maude, 1st Earl de Montalt in: Wikipedia - Maud (name) in: Wikipedia


   - History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families
     Co. Cork, Co. Waterford, Co. Limerick, Co. Kildare
     By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL
   - History of the Family of Maunsell (Mansell, Mansel) - Vol I - Vol II Pt. I - Vol II Pt. II
     By Edward Phillips Stathem, Retired Commander, R.N. (London, 1917) - OL


   - The Maxwell Family of Corduff
      near Lusk, Co. Dublin
      By Turtle Bunbury - website
    - The Maxwells of Farnham - Earls and Lords of Farnham in Ireland
      from Maxwell History and Genealogy
      By Florence Wilson Houston, Laura Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn Mellette (Indianapolis, 1916) - OL

The Scot and Irish Origins of the Means Family
     By Gordon P. Means (Chaska, Minnesota, 2002) - Website

* MERCER: The Mercer Chronicle

   genealogy in verse; Mary Mercer founded Mercer's Hospital in Dublin
   By 'An Irish Sennachy' (for private circulation, London, 1866) - OL - History of Mercer's Hospital/Medical Centre in: official website - Wikipedia

* MEREDITH: The Merediths

   a chapter from History of the Parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet - in the County of Sligo. Illustrated
   By T. O'Rorke, D.D., P.P., Archdeacon (Dublin, 1878) - IA

* MEREDYTH, EUSTACE: The Ancient Families of the Meredyths and the Eustaces

   Sir Amos Meredyth of Powderham Castle, Devonshire was made Commissioner of the Customs and Excise in Ireland by Charles II and received grants of land incl. Ballinakie, Queen's County; d. 1669, bur. St. Patrick's Church, Dublin; The ancestor of the Irish branch of the Eustace family 'was despatched to Ireland as an envoy in 1175'
   By Eustace Meredyth Martin (London, 1887) - FHB

* MERVYN: The Irish Branch of the Mervyn Family

   extract from 'Fasciculus Mervinensis'
   By Sir William Richard Drake, F.S.A. (Privately printed, London, 1873) - IA

* MILLIKEN: History of the Families Millingas and Millanges

   of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on intermarried and collateral families, and abstracts of early land grants, wills, and other documents ...; Millikens of Co. Tyrone, of Connaught, of Isle Magee, of Ravarra, Co. Down, of Belfast, of Ballykeag, in Belfast, 1906, in Ballyclare, Co. Antrim
   Comp. by Rev. Gideon Tibbetts Ridlon, Sr. (Lewiston, Maine, 1907) - OL

* MINCHIN: The Book of Minchin

   Families in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, India
   By Dorothy Minchin-Comm (California, 2006) - FHB

* MINNITT: Descent and Alliances - Minnitt, of Anaghbeg

   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL

* MOFFATT: The Moffatts - Bannockburn to Ballybay, Blackrock to Baghdad
   By Turtle Bunbury - website


   - Genealogy of the Descendants of Henry and Jane Simpson Moffett
     of Lislea House Lisnadill, County Armagh
     By Linden Byron Moffett (Muncie, Indiana, 1916) - OL
   - Ballybay Moffetts
     a brief history of Crievagh House, Co. Monaghan
     By George and Adam Moffett (USA, 1908) - OL

* MOLESWORTH: 29 Molesworth Street
   Viscount Molesworth of Swords, Co. Dublin
   By Turtle Bunbury - websiteViscount Molesworth in: Wikipedia


   - Descent and Alliances - Molyneux
   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL
   - History Genealogical and Biographical of the Molyneux Families
     By Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux (Syracuse, New York, 1904) - HT


   - A Genealogical History of the Family of Montgomery
     including the Montgomery Pedigree. Montgomerys of Grey Abbey and others
     By Thomas Harrison Montogomery (Printed for private circulation, Philadelphia, 1863) - OL
  - Montgomeries of Lisduff; The Montgomeries of Ballymagowan
     extracts from 'A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns'
     By H. C. Lawlor (London, 1906) - OL


   - The Family of Moore of Moore Hall, Killinchy
     extract from 'A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns'
     By H. C. Lawlor (London, 1906) - OL
   - History of the Moore Family
     Sir Garrett Moore 1566 - 1627 was created 1st Viscount Drogheda 1621
     By Anne, Countess of Drogheda (Belfast, 1902) - FHB - Earl of Drogheda in: Wikipedia

* MORAN: Generations of Morans - Branching from Mayo to the World

   1855 - 2007; William Moran, son of Martin Moran and Anne Kelley, b. Rosturk, Co. Mayo, mar. Mary Ginelly Burrishoole, 1882; descendants in Ireland, England, USA
   By Kathleen Moran Tully; Kathi Woodward Moran (USA? 2007) - FHB

History of the Morgan Family - Fr. Ted's Forbears
   By Turtle Bunbury - websiteDermot Morgan in: Wikipedia

* MORRIS, MORRICE: Morris of Ballybeggan and Castle Morris, Co, Kerry

   Pedigree showing royal descents
   By the Marquis of Ruvigny and Rainval (Melville Amadeus Henry Douglas Heddle de La Caillemotte de Massue de Ruvignés, 9th Marquis of Ruvigny and 15th of Raineval) (Printed privately London? 1904) - OL

* MORRISEY, O'BRIEN: Family History

   Kate, dau. of John Morrisey and Kate O'Brien, b. Killworth, Co. Cork, 1836; typed and handwritten papers
   By Kate Morrisey Newsome (Provo, Utah, 1892) - FHB

* MOUTRAY: Moutray of Seafield and Roscobie - Now of Favour Royal, Co. Tyrone

   An Historical and Genealogical Memoir of the Family in Scotland, England, Ireland and America
   By the Marquis de Ruviny and Raineval (London, 1902 - OL

   - The Family of Mulock
   Thomas Mulock or Mullock, of Ballynakill, or Ballinakill in the parish of Dononaughta, Co. Galway m. mid 17th century...; branches in Ireland, England, Canada
   By Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.A.I. (Dublin, 1905) - OL
   - The Mullock and Mulock Families of Great Britain and Ireland
     by Robert Mullock-Morgans and Robert B.D.M. Hughes-Mullock F.R.A.S. (2010) - website (The Irish Bomfords 1617 to the Present)


   - The Murphy Family
     genealogical, historical, and biographical
     By Michael Walter Downes (Hartford, Connecticut, 1909) - OL
   - The Murphy Herlihy Families 1835 - 1992
     numerous photographs, pedigrees; families from Cork some of whom emigrated to USA
     By Paul CallananLou Murphy (Cork; Santa Clara, California, 1992) - FHB

A History of the Musgrave Family of Counties Roscommon and Cork
   A Draft Report
   By Turtle Bunbury (2012) - website

* NASH: Nash of Finnstown
   Co. Dublin
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

* NESBIT: Whale Fishing off the Ulster Coast from 1736 to 1763; with Some Notes on the Nebit Family

   Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol. XIV
   By James Buckley (Belfast, 1908) - OL

* NEWCOMEN: Descent and Alliances - Newcomen, of Kenagh, Co. Longford

   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL

* NIXON: The families of French of Belturbet and Nixon of Fermanagh, and their descendants
   by Rev. Henry Biddall Swanzy, M.A. (Printed for private circulation, Dublin, 1908) - OL

* NORCOTT or NORTHCOTE: History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families

   Co. Cork
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL

* NOWLIN, NOWLAN: The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy
   Nowlin of Pittsylvania County, Virginia... and of the earlier Nowlins (Nowlans) of Ireland...
   Edited by Mary Nowlin (Salt Lake City, Utah, 1916) - OL

* NUGENT: Historical Sketch of the Family of Nugent

   Printed by John Charles Lyons (Ledestown, 1853) - OL


* O'CALLAGHAN, CALLAGHAN: The O'Callaghan's (Callaghan's) of Ireland
   Simcoe County, Ontario and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
   Related families: Murray, O'Reilly, Horan, Down, Scully
   By Patricia Syfers Callaghan; Brian Thomas Callaghan (Topinabee, Michigan, 2008) - FHB


   - The O'Connor Chronicle 1780 - 2002
     Denis O'Connor, b. Balloughtragh, Co. Kerry, 1780; mar. Mary O'Sullivan, 1807; descendants in Ireland and USA
     By Claude J. Sinnen (Shakopee, MN, 2002) - FHB - Large File!
   - The O'Connor Family
     families of Daniel and Mathias O'Connor of Corsallagh house, Achonry County, Sligo, Ireland, A.D. 1750, with notes on the Hagadorn, Furman, Williams and Eaton families, of New York
     By Watson Burdette O'Connor (New York, 1914) - OL

* O'CONNOR, MOYNIHAN: O'Connor Gailleach
   Patrick O'Connor, b. north Kerry, abt. 1800, mar. Mary Moynihan; descendants in Ireland, USA; related families: Cronin, Hickey, McCarthy, O'Riordan, O'Sullivan; index
   By Donald Patrick Brosnan (Tucson, Arizona, 1996) - FHB

* O'DAVOREN: The O'Davorens of Cahermacnaughten

   Burren, County Clare
   By Dr. George Unthank Macnamara (Ireland, 1912/3) - CCL

* O'DEMPSEY: The O'Dempseys of Clanmaliere

   Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By Lord Walter FitzGerald (Dublin, 1905) - OL

* O'DONOVAN: Entries relating to John O'Donovan and his Immediate Relatives

   From parish registers. RSAI Journal
   By Very Rev. Canon Carrigan, D.D., P.P., Durrow (Dublin, 1915) - OL

* O'FLAHERTY: Handwritten Journal, 1846 - 1909

   with additional entries 1909 - 1915 by his son; family and general records of events especially deaths in the area
   By Timothy O'Flaherty (Castlegregory, Co. Kerry, 1846 - 1915) - FHB

* O'GORMAN: Descendants of Daniel O'Gorman and Mary Foley

   Descendants in Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia
   Surnames in Ireland: O'Gorman of Co. Clare, Foley, McGuire, Purcell, Quealey, Mahoney, McHugh, Keon, Brady
   By Blane Gerard Ryan (Edmonton, Alberta, Late 20th century) - FHB

The O'Hallorans
   Merchant Men of Antrim and New Zealand
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

* O'HARA: Annaghmore and the O'Haras

   a chapter from History of the Parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet in the County of Sligo. Illustrated
   By T. O'Rorke, D.D., P.P., Archdeacon (Dublin, 1878) - IA

* O'KELLY: Memoir of Colonel Charles O'Kelly and his Descendants

   being an addition to Macariae Excidium or The Destruction of Cyprus
   By John Cornelius O'Callaghan (Dublin, 1850) - IA

   - The James O'Mahoney Family of Muingnaminnane, Castleisland, Co. Kerry
     By Donald Patrick Brosnan (Published Privately, Tucson, Arizona, 1999) - FHB

* O'MEAGHER: Some Historical Notices of the O'Meaghers of Ikerrin
   County Tipperary
   By Joseph Casimir O'Meagher (American edition, New York, 1890) - OL

* O'NEILL, BLENNERHASETT, HOFFMAN: O'Neill Blennerhassett Hoffman
   and related families; Thomas Talbot O'Neill, b. 1842, of Knockwaddra, Tralee, Co. Kerry, mar. Anne Blennerhassett; their dau. Jane O'Neill mar. James Hoffman; descendants in Ireland, Wisconsin
   By Richard E. Bartz; Helen Anna (O'Neill) Kolash (St. Paul, Minnesota, 2004) - FHB

* O'SHAUGHNESSY: Story of an Irish Property

   Gort, Co. Galway
   By Robert S. Rait (Oxford, 1908) - IA

* O'SULLIVAN: Materials for a History of the Family of John Sullivan of Berwick, New England and of the O'Sullivans of Ardea, Ireland

   By Thomas Coffin Amory (Cabridge, Massachusetts, 1893) - OL

* O'TOOMEY, TOOMEY: The O'Toomeys of Croom and Their Descendants

   in Ireland and USA; Daniel Toomey b. Bruff, Co. Limerick, 1794, mar. Catherine O'Brien, 1819; emigrated 1849 to Chicago, Illinois
   By Thomas Noxon Toomey ( Printed for Private Distribution, St. Louis, Missouri, 1920) - FHB


* ORR, McCLEMENT: Ulster Pedigrees - Descendants in many lines of James Orr and Janet McClement
   who emigrated from Scotland to Ballyblack, Co. Down, abt. 1607; descendants in Ireland, USA, Canada, South America
   By Ray A. Jones (San Francisco, 1977) - FHB

* OSBORNE, RIALL, SMITH, TIERNEY: Life of Colonel Pownoll Phipps

   of St. Kitts; with family records; many Irish connections - my aunt married Sir Thomas Osborne, Tierney of Limerick, etc.
   By Pownoll W. Phipps, M.A. (Printed for Private Circulation, London, 1894) - OL


   The Name and Family of Ouseley - The Ouseley Family (further details)
   RSAI Journal
   By  Richard J. Kelly (Dublin, 1910) - OL

* OWEN: Owen and Perrin Family History

   Being an account of the family of Owen of Rathdowney, the related family of Perrin of Wicklow, and the family of Owen of Orielton, Pembrokeshire
   By Hugh Owen (Printed for Private Circulation, England,  1981) - FHB - This book suggested by a reader.


  - Genealogical and historical account of the family of Palmer of Kenmare, Co. Kerry
     Compiled from Old Family Documents, etc. ...
     by Rev. A.Henry Herbert Palmer (1872) - OL
   - Genealogy of the Family of Palmer of Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland - (continuation 1) - (continuation 2)
     from 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica VoI I New Series'
     Edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, LL.D., F.S.A. (London, 1874) - IA

* PALMER: Some account of the Palmer Family of Rahan, County Kildare
   By Temple Prime (New York, 1890) - OL

* PARKER: The Parkers of Ballykeel
   By Norman P. McClelland (Phoenix, Arizona, 2002) - FHB - Companion Vol to 'The Wrights of Finnard' - see below


   - The Life of Charles Stewart Parnell
     with some account of his Ancestry; details of Parnell, Stewart and Tudor families
     By Thomas Sherlock (Boston, 1881) - OL
   - The Uncrowned King
     Hon. Charles Stewart Parnell, including his Birth and Ancestry
     By Robert M. McWade, Esq. (Philadelphia? 1891) - IA

* PARSONS: Notes on Families and Individuals of the name of "Parsons" endeavour to trace the Pedigree of Richard Parsons of Carrigogunnell, County Limerick; who with his brothers William and Joseph, were resident in the Counties of Cavan, Leitrim and Fermanagh in A.D. 1700, and thereabouts. Calendar of Wills
   By _________ Parsons (London, 1903) - FHB


   - Pattons of Ireland
     Patton Lineages of Scots-Irish Derivation which were resident in Ulster c. 1600 - c. 1800
     By David V. Agricola, M.D. (Cleveland, Ohio, 1999) - FHB
   - Genealogy of William and Margaret Patton, Co. Donegal
     Family Papers in the Irish Emigration Database

* PERCEVAL: History of the Parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet
   in the County of Sligo. Illustrated
   By T. O'Rorke, D.D., P.P., Archdeacon (Dublin, 1878) - IA

* PERRIN: Owen and Perrin Family History

   Being an account of the family of Owen of Rathdowney, the related family of Perrin of Wicklow, and the family of Owen of Orielton, Pembrokeshire
   By Hugh Owen (Printed for Private Circulation, England,  1981) - FHB - This book suggested by a reader. 

* PERSSE: History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families

   Co. Galway
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL

* PHELAN: Phelan - County Laois, Ireland; Kent County Michigan; Nevada County, California
   Descendants in Ireland, USA
   By John A. Phelan (2003) - FHB

* POE:

   The Origin and Early History of the Family of Poë or Poe
   with full pedigrees of the Irish branch of the family; deals with WilliamThomas and Anthony Poe who settled in Ireland in 17th century and the true ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe
   By Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.A.I. (Dublin, 1906) - OL - Edgar Allan Poe in: Find A Grave Wikipedia

* POHER, POER, POWER: An Historical Memoir account of the Barony of Le Power and Coroghmore, County Waterford; reprinted from  the 'Irish Builder'
   By Gabriel O'C. Redmond, M.D., M.R.S.A.I. (Dublin, 1891) - IA

* POLLOCK: The Family of Pollock of Newry and Descendants
   The Irish branch of the Pollocks of Renfew; William Pollock's son John Pollock's second son Robert Pollock purchased Ballyedmond near Rostrevor in 1732
   By the Rev. Allen Stewart Hartigan, M.A. TCD (Folkstone, 1901) - FHB

* POMEROY: The History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family

   including English, Irish and American branches
   By Albert A Pomeroy (400 copies, Toledo, Ohio, 1912) - IA

* PONSONBY: The Ponsonby Family

   By Dr. James Kelly (Cork, early 21st century?) - UCC

* POTTER: Genealogical Memoranda Relating to the Family of Potter

   of the Co. Down, Ireland; from 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica' - Vol III
   By Joseph J. Howard (London, 1876) - IA

* POTTS: The Potts' of Ireland

   Extract from Historical Collections relating to the Potts Family
   By David Potts (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, 1901) - OL

* PRENDERGAST: Story of an Irish Property
   By Robert S. Rait (Oxford, 1908) - IA


   - Preston of Swainston
     County Meath
   - Gormanstown
     copied from Burke's Peerage and Baronetage
     Sections of "The Preston Genealogy" by L. A. Wilson (300 copies only, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1900) - OL   
     - From the same source Prestons in Virginia of Irish descent - Irish-American Family Histories I - Z


* RENNICK: The Rennicks and Allied Families of Co. Fermanagh
   Descendants in Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia
   By Joan R. Jones (Carroll, Iowa, 2003) - FHB

* ROBINSON: Land Surveys and the Robinsons of North Kildare 1769 - 1864

   Masters Thesis
   By James Robinson (Dublin, 2000) - Dublin Institute of Technology

* ROW: Memorials of the Family of Row

   A Scottish family; mention of David Row and William Row who went to Ireland and married
   Edited by James Maidment (Edinburgh, 1828) - OL


* SAMPSON: Sampsons in Ireland
   section of 'The Sampson Family'; descendants in Ireland, USA
   By Lilla Briggs Sampson (Baltimore, Maryland, 1914) - OL


   - The Savages of the Ards
     with sketches of English and American Branches
     By George Francis Armstrong (London, 1888) - OL
   - A Genealogical History of the Savage Family in Ulster
     being a revision and enlargement of certain chapters of "The Savages of the Ards"
     By George Francis Savage-Armstrong (1906) - OL

* SCOTT: Genesis of the White Family / The Scotts of Scot's Hall
   Compiled by Emma Siggins White (Kansas City, Missouri, 1920) - HT

* SEARIGHT, SEAWRIGHT: A Record of the Searight Family
   By James A. Searight (Uniontown, Pennsylvania, 1893) - OL

* SHAW, GREER: Grandfather Shaws Diary 1807 - 1814
   James Shaw mar. Ann McMachhall or McMichhal; set sail from Ireland, captured by French and held for 6 years; dau. Mary Shaw mar. James Greer - descendants in Australia
   By James Shaw (France, 1807 - 1814) - FHB

* SHEERAN: Descendants and Biographies

   Martin Sheeran and Marie (Mary) Cullen Sheeran, b. Ireland abt. 1803; John Dardis, b. Ireland 1807
   By Betty Brown Sheeran (Fall City, Washington, 2001, 2002) - FHB

* SHERIDAN: Some Account of the Sheridan Family

   The Ancestor No IX
   By Wilfred Sheridan (London, 1904) - IA


   - Notes on the Family of Sherlock
     Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
     By Rev. J. F. M. ffrench, of Clonegal, M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1899) - OL
   - The Sherlocks of Ireland and Wales
     numerous Sherlock families discussed from Meath, Kildare, Dublin, Wexford, Waterford, Cork; also Wales, Canada, USA, New Zealand
     By Arian E. Collins (San Diego, California, 2011) - website

* SHIELDS: Genealogical Notes on Shields Family

   transcript; 1. General James Shields, U.S.A.; 2. General Shield's Kin in Ireland; 3. General Shield's Kin in U.S.A.; General Shield's Ancestry
   By Kevin R. O'Shiel - Irish Emigration Database

* SINCLAIR: A History and Lineage of Descendants of a Scottish Family by the Name of Sinclair

   who migrated from Scotland to Ireland in the Seventeenth Century. They settled in Newtownards, Co. Down and Belfast... There are descendants in Ireland and England...New Zealand, Australia, Nova Scotia and United States
   By Mrs. St. Claire Lappe Daub (Springfield, Delaware) - FHB

* SINNOTT: Annals of the Sinnott... and Allied Families

   in Wexford, Dublin, Donegal and USA; index
   By Mary Elizabeth Sinnott (250 copies, USA, 1905) - IA

* SIRR: The Sirr Family and Freemasonry

   Henry Charles Sirr 1907 -1872 son of Henry Charles Sirr 1764 - 1841 of Dublin Castle
   By Bro. Harry Sirr, F.R.I.B.A. (Margate, 1906) - FHB

* SMITH: The Joshua Smith family of Ireland and Hants County
   b. 1655, Quaker of Co. Tipperary; mar. Jane Scott; 6 children; descendants in Ireland and Nova Scotia
   By Ralph S. Blois (Woodburn, Oregon, USA, 1994) - FHB

   - Ancestors and Descendants of Norman Alexander Smith and Marietta Curry Smyth
     b. Scotland, settled Newtownards, Co. Down; 6 children
     By Norman A. Smyth and Marietta C. Smyth (100 copies, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1995) - FHB
   - Genealogie de L'Ancienne et Noble Famille SMYTH, de Ballynatray, Comte de Waterford en Irlande
     In French - translated from English
     By Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Arms of All Ireland, Sir John Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms (Spa, 1856) - IA


   - Descendants of Rev. Robert Smythe
     b. Belfast abt. 1793; mar. Mary Brown, dau. of Alexander Brown and Elizabeth Logue; 13 children; Robert d. Iowa, 1873
     By Daniel Eugene Page (Arkoma, Oklahoma, 2002) - FHB
   - The Land War in County Westmeath
      Smythe family of Baarbavilla, Collinstown, Co. Westmeath; Nineteenth century Irish history; Glucksman Memorial Symposium
      By Frances Clarke (Dublin, 2007) - TARA - Trinity College archive

* SOMERVILLE: Descent and Alliances - Somerville and Cameron

   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL

* SPEDDING: The Spedding Family

   in England, Ireland (Ballynamudagh, Windgates, Co. Wicklow), Australia and New Zealand
   Surnames in Ireland: FitzGerald, Adamson, McCabe, Livesey, Deey, Hutchinson, Buckley, Brownrigg, Cunningham, Neeson, Foster, Abraham, John, Moriarty;
   Brownrigg Family: Alcock, Annesley, Redmond, Springett, Hyde, Graham, Watson, Craig, Noyes, Worthington, Cosgreve, Symes, Brandon, Burroughs, Stanley, O'Dwyer, Maghallin, Mostyn, Collison, Owen, Plunket, Key, Lynch, Bentham, Hewson, Coddington, Tottenham, Nott, Cahill, Nugent, Warren, Siree, Halahan, Taylor, Hunt, Sweeney, Wheeler, Quin, Esmonde, Hardy, Lyndon, Meade
   By Captain John Carlisle D. Spedding (Dublin, 1909) - OL

Sproule Genealogy
   - website

* STACPOLE: Stacpole Family in Ireland

   Extract from 'History and Genealogy of the Stackpole Family'
   By Everett S. Stackpole (Lewiston, Maine, 1920) - OL

* STAWELL: A Quantock Family: The Stawells of Cothelstone... and County Cork
   The Stawells of Coolmain, Co. Cork; Origin of the Kilbrittain and Mallow branches; The Stawells of Kilbrittain; The Stawells of Mallow, Ballylought, Oldcourt, and Crobeg
   By Colonel George Dodsworth Stawell (Taunton, 1910) - FHB
   - Read a Review of this book in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica (1912)


   - The Steen Family - The Steen Family - 2nd Ed. (revised and enlarged)
     in Europe and America; mostly Irish Steen families many of whom emigrated to America
     By the Rev. Moses D. A. Steen (Cincinnati, Ohio, 1900, 1917) OL

* STEWART: The Stewarts of Ballintoy
   With Notices of Other Families of the District
   By George Hill (privately printed, Louisville, Kentucky, 1865) - OL

Plaque to Bram Stoker in Dublin
Photo by PJC

Stoker Family Tree
     including Abraham 'Bram' Stoker of Clontarf (1847 - 1912), author of 'Dracula', etc.; extract from article on Research on Bram Stoker's family tree offers new insights into how he created the vampire Count Dracula
     By (Dublin, 2012) - website

* STOKES: Stokes 1,000 years

   short section on Irish 'Stokeses' who settled in Kerry
   By William E. D. Stokes Jr. (Lennox Massachusetts, 1958) - Borrow this book from OL

 * STONEY: Some Old Annal's of the Stoney Family

   Thomas Stoney of Lisleagh or Greyfort, Borrisokane, mar. Sarah Robinson of Knockshegowna
   Related families: Armstrong, Bigoe of King's County? Morgan, Johnston, Scott, Cusack, Steele
   By Major F. S. Stoney, R.A. (Woolwich, 1879) - FHB

Stronge of Tynan Abbey, County Armagh
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

The Supples of Aghadoe, Co. Cork
   By Turtle Bunbury - website

* SWEETMAN: Notes on the Sweetman Family

   Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By Rev. Canon Sherlock, M.A. (Dublin, 1902) - OL

* SYNAN: The Synans of Doneraile

   Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By Macanaan Mac Lir (Cork, 1892) - OL


* TALBOT: The Talbot Family
   By Malahide Castle .com - Website

* TARLETON: The Tarletons of Ireland

   Chapter from The Tarleton Family
   By C. W. Tarleton (Concord, New Hampshire, 1900) - OL

* TAYLOR: Taylor

   in Ireland, England, Wales, Canada, United States, South Africa and Australia; Andrew Taylor b. Lurgan St., Dublin, 1807 who started the Dublin and Glasgow Steam Packet Company
   By Robert W. Becker (New York, 2001) - FHB

* TEAPE, BUNCE: Teape - A Genealogy

   with special reference to those outside the U.S.; descendants in Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand; Elizabeth Bunce mar. John Pepperal Teape, 1816
   By Jesse H. Day (Athens, Ohio, 1983) - FHB

* TEMPLE: Some Account of the Temple Family

   By Temple Prime (New York, 1899) - OL

   Section 1.a: The Temple Family; mention of Sir Frederick Temple-Hamilton-Blackwood-Temple, George Nugent-Temple-Grenville; Sir John Temple; Thomas Temple
   By Lilian Clarke (Wellingborough, 1912) - OL

* TENER: Tener - A History of the Family in France Ireland and America
   Part II The Teners of Ireland from 1700 down to the later part of the 19th century and their immigrations to America; little known branches still remaining in Ireland
   At the request of the late Hampden Evans Tener, II (Privately printed, Montclair, New Jersey? 1949) - Borrow this book from OL

* TENISON: Descent and Alliances - Tenison, of Dillonstown

   family histories of more than 20 related families including Crossley, Coddington and Evans
   Compiled, Arranged and Annotated by Charles Croslegh, D.D. (Printed privately, London, 1904) - OL

* TOBIN: The Genealogy of Walter Tobin and His Family

   Copy of an MS. in the Possession of the Late Michael Mullally, Esq., of Ballycullen; Transactions of the Ossory Archaeological Society
   Presented by Mr. Thomas Shelly, T.C., Callan (Kilkenny, 1883) - OL

* TOLAND: Toland - In and Out of Ireland

   The Irish surname Toland
   By James Toland (Sauslito, California, 2000) - FHB

* TOLERHistory of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families

   Co. Tipperary
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL

Torrens Family Genealogy
   of Youghal and Bann Valley; connected families Clinghan, Devine, Long, World
   By Richard Torrens (U.K., 2012) - website


   - An Officer of the Long Parliament and his Descendants
     being some account of the Life and Times of Colonel Richard Townesend of Castletown (Castletownshend) and a Chronicle of his Family; with Illustrations
     By Richard and Dorothea Townshend (London, 1892) - OL
   - Vernon Townsend, Australia to America
     Family originally from Castletownsend, Co. Cork
     By Mary L. Thurman Miller (Fullerton, California) - FHB


   - A Memoir of the Trench Family
     Genealogical tables: Clancarty - Jamaica Trenches - Archbishop of Tuam - Admiral Trench - Archdeacon Le Poer Trench -  Ashtown - Cooke - Dean of Kildare - Cangort Park - Trench-Gascoigne - Chenevix-Trench - John Trench - Heywood - Clonfert
   By Thomas Richard Frederick Cooke-Trench of Millicent, Sallins, Co. Kildare (Privately printed, London, 1897) - FHB
    - The Trench Family, Earls of Clancarty
     By Turtle Bunbury - websiteEarl of Clancarty in: Wikipedia - See also: LE POER TRENCH


   - A Genealogical History of the Tyrrells
     sometime of the French Vexin, Poix in Picardy, Guernanville in Normandy, Laingaham in Essex, Kingsworty and Avon Tyrrell in Hampshire; Castleknock in Co. Dublin, Fertullagh in Co. Westmeath; and now of Grange Castle, Co. Kildare; Clonard, Co. Meath and elsewhere. With Pedigrees from B.C. 443 to the present day
     By Joseph Henry Tyrrell (100 copies privately printed, Twickenham, 1904) - FHB
   - Further Genealogical Notes on the Tyrrell-Terrell Family of Virginia
     some references to Tyrrell in Ireland and to the J. H. Tyrrell's book (above)
     By Edwin H. Terrell (2nd Ed. San Antonio, Texas, 1909 - OL


* USSHER: The Ussher Memoirs
   or Genealogical Memoirs of the Ussher Families in Ireland
   By Rev. Wm. Ball Wright, M.A., T.C.D. (Dublin, 1889) - IA


* VANCE, BALBIRNIE: An account, Historical and Genealogical ... of Vance in Ireland
   some descendants in USA, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Vans in Scotland, anciently Vaux in Scotland and England, and originally De Vaux in France; Attached is 'An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Family of Balbirnie' with mention of Balbirnies in Ireland and Scotland
   By William Balbirnie (Printed solely for use of the Vance Family, Cork, 1860) - FHB

* VARIAN: The Book of The Varian Family

   including 'The Family in Ireland - a brief allusion to a few respectable individuals of the name in that unfortunate island, of whose ancestry I regret we cannot say more'
   By Sam. Briggs (Cleveland, Ohio, 1881) - OL


* WADE: The Wade Genealogy
   mention of Irish Wades
   by Stuart C. Wade (300 copies, Rutland, Vermont, 1900) - HT

The Wakefields and Christys of County Down
   mention of Fennell of Athy
    By Turtle Bunbury - website

Waldron Family History
     By Patrick J. M. Waldron (Ballina, Killaloe, Co. Clare, 2009) - website


   - Memoirs of The Staker Wallace
     With Genealogy of Family
     By Eunice Graham Brandt (Chicago, 1909) - HT
   - Genealogy of the Wallace Family
     ...and locations of the early generations in Scotland
     By John Hankins Wallace (New York, 1902) - OL

* WALLER: History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families
   Co. Limerick, Co. Tipperary
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL

* WALSH: A Royalist Family - Irish and French 1689-1789 and Prince Charles Edward

   Includes genealogical tables of Walsh families
   Translated from the French by A.G. Murray MacGregor (Edinburgh, 1904) - OL - Read in French: Une Famille Royaliste Irlandaise et Francaise (1689 - 1789)

* WALSH, PHILBIN: The Thomas Walsh and Mary Philbin family of County Mayo
    mar. 1853; 11 children; 6 emigrated to New Hampshire and Rhode Island, 5 stayed in Ireland
   By Virginia Morgan Travis (Dallas Texas, 1997) - FHB

* WALSH, WELSH: Nota et Synopsis Genealogiae Comitum de Walsh aut Wallis
   (Note and Synopsis of the Genealogy of the Earls of Walsh or Welsh); mostly in Latin; Transactions of the Ossory Archaeological Society
   By L.S. (Kilkenny, 1883) - IA

   and also of Castlecomer House, County Kilkenny. The Ancestor Vol X
   By Unknown author (London, 1904) - OL

* WASHINGTON: The Irish Washingtons

   At Home and Abroad
   By George Washington of Dublin, Ireland (Boston, 1898) - IA

* WEIR: Notices of the Family of Weir

   Extract from History of Ireland - The Barony of Boyle (footnote 'b')
   By John D'Alton (Dublin, 1845) - OL

* WEST: The Wests of Ballydugan, Co. Down; The Rock, Co. Wicklow and Ashwood, Co. Wexford

   Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol XII; continued p. 159 (pedigree)
   By Edward Parkinson (Belfast, 1906) - OL

* WETHERALL: Tree and Services of the Wetherall Family

   John Wetherall lived in North Great George Street, Dublin
   By Frederick Bradford McCrea (London, 1912) - FHB

* WHALEY:Searching for the Whaley Ancestors
     A Trip to the Past in Northern Ireland
     By Robert Irving Soare (Chicago, late 20th century?) - Website

* WHELAN: The Whelans of Ballyporeen - Genealogy and Family History

   By Thomas M. Whelan (Marstons Mills, Massachusetts, 2004) - FHB


   - Genesis of the White Family / The Scotts of Scot's Hall
     Compiled by Emma Siggins White (Kansas City Missouri, 1920) - HT
   - The Whites of Dufferin and their Connections
     Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol XII; continued p. 169 and subsequent vol(s) (see Journals - General)
     By Major R. G. Berry, M.R.I.A. (Belfast, 1906) - OL

* WHITE, VITUS: History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families
   Co. Limerick, Co. Clare
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL

* WHITWORTH: Three Generations of Fascinating Women
   and other Sketches from Family History. Names mentioned: Talbot, Lennox, Gunning
   By Lady Russell (London, 1905) - OL

* WIGHT: Ed. Wight of Limerick

   See No. 580/581 for history of the Wight family; extract from 'Trade Tokens issued in the Seventeenth Century - Vol II'
   By George C. Williamson (London, 1891) - OL

* WIGRAM: Register of the Wigram Familly 1743 - 1913

   being a complete record of the Descendants of Sir Robert Wigram; b. Wexford, 1743; mar. 1stly Catherine Broadhurst; 2ndly Eleanor Watts; alphabetical index to Wigham family
   By William Arthur Wigram (London, 1913) - OL - Sir Robert Wigram, 1st Baronet in: Wikipedia

* WILLIAMS: The Groves, and Lappan; [Monaghan County, Ireland]

   An account of a pilgrimage thither, in search of the Genealogy of the Williams Family
   By John Fletcher Williams (Privately printed for the family, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1889) - HT

* WILLOUGHBY: Family Histories and Genealogies Vol I Part II

   By Edward Elbridge Salisbury, Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury (Privately printed, New Haven, 1892) - OL


   - The Wild Wilmots
    The Ancestor No XI
     By O.B. (London, 1904) - IA
   - Wilmot - Wilmoth - Wilmeth
     families in England and Ireland
     By James Lillard Wilmeth (Philadelphia, 1940) - FHB

* WINTHROP: History of Maunsell, or Mansel, and other families

   Co. Cork
   By Robert George Maunsell (Cork, 1903) - OL

* WOLFE: The Wolfe Family of County Kildare

   Journal of the Co. Kildare Archaeological Society
   By George Wolfe (Dublin, 1902) - OL

* WRIGHT: The Wrights of Finnard

   Robert Wright b. Finnard, Co. Down, 1833 son of William Wright and Jane Niblock; m. Eliza Sloan; 8 children
   By Norman P. McClelland (Phoenix, Arizona, 2004) - FHB - Companion Vol to 'The Parkers of Ballykeel' (2002) - see above


* YELVERTON: The Yelvertons, Viscounts Avonmore
     By Turtle Bunbury - websiteViscount Avonmore in: Wikipedia

* YOUNG, YOUNGE: The Extinct Family of Young, of Newtown-O'More

   Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society
   By W. FitzG. (Dublin, 1902) - OL

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